Apple Rolls Out iPhone 3.0 Operating System Upgrade

18 06 2009

Due to Server overload people are having trouble installing the upgrade. Apple on Thursday released iPhone 3.0, a major upgrade for its iPhone operating system, delivering capabilities customers have demanded, such as multimedia messaging, copy and paste and universal landscape mode.

The operating system, which previewed in march, became available for download at 0310 in the iTunes Store.

The update is free for owners of the original iPhone as well as the current iPhone 3G. Users wishing to upgrade must plug their device into their computer with the USB dock connector and then load iTunes 8.2 (80MB), where they can download and install iPhone 3.0 (230MB).

iPhone 3.0 (which some have confused with the third-generation iPhone, iPhone 3GS), addresses many complaints about the current and previous iPhone operating systems. Despite iPhone 2.0’s introduction of the iPhone’s phenomenally successful App Store for distributing third-party applications, many Apple critics have blasted the iPhone for its lack of a basic copy-and-paste function, among other shortcomings. iPhone 3.0 adds copy-and-paste functionality and many new features that will give immediate benefits to end users, regardless of which applications they use.



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