Aperture 3

27 03 2010

Apple today released a pair of software updates, offering improvements for Aperture users while also updating iMovie to improve its ability to use video from Aperture.

Aperture 3.0.2 weighs in at 69.83 MB and requires Mac OS X 10.5.8 or 10.6.2. It offers a significant number of improvements throughout the application.This update improves overall stability and fixes issues in a number of areas. The key areas addressed include:

– Upgrading Aperture 1.x and 2.x libraries
– Importing libraries from iPhoto or from earlier versions of Aperture
– Importing hierarchical folders of photos into a library
– Adding names and confirming matches in Faces
– Reordering snapshots on the Faces corkboard
– Creating and saving print presets
– Duplicating metadata presets
– Adjustments using Curves, Straighten and Retouching
– Navigation of photos in the Viewer using scrolling
– Importing ratings, color labels and GPS data from XMP sidecar files
– IPTC metadata compatibility
– Deleting photos when emptying the Aperture Trash
– Exporting versions and libraries
Full details of the over 65 changes included in the update are available in the release notes.



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