Aperture 3

27 03 2010

Apple today released a pair of software updates, offering improvements for Aperture users while also updating iMovie to improve its ability to use video from Aperture.

Aperture 3.0.2 weighs in at 69.83 MB and requires Mac OS X 10.5.8 or 10.6.2. It offers a significant number of improvements throughout the application.This update improves overall stability and fixes issues in a number of areas. The key areas addressed include:

– Upgrading Aperture 1.x and 2.x libraries
– Importing libraries from iPhoto or from earlier versions of Aperture
– Importing hierarchical folders of photos into a library
– Adding names and confirming matches in Faces
– Reordering snapshots on the Faces corkboard
– Creating and saving print presets
– Duplicating metadata presets
– Adjustments using Curves, Straighten and Retouching
– Navigation of photos in the Viewer using scrolling
– Importing ratings, color labels and GPS data from XMP sidecar files
– IPTC metadata compatibility
– Deleting photos when emptying the Aperture Trash
– Exporting versions and libraries
Full details of the over 65 changes included in the update are available in the release notes.

Apple Unveils Mac OS X Snow Leopard

10 06 2009

SAN FRANCISCO—June 8, 2009—Apple® today unveiled Mac OS® X Snow Leopard™, an even more powerful and refined version of the world’s most advanced operating system and the foundation for future Mac® innovation. Snow Leopard builds on a decade of OS X innovation and success with hundreds of refinements, new core technologies, out of the box support for Microsoft Exchange and new accessibility features. Snow Leopard will ship as an upgrade for Mac OS X Leopard users in September 2009 for $29.

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Final Cut Studio 3 to bundle major Motion, Soundtrack upgrades

2 06 2009

The third major release of Apple’s Final Cut Studio professional video and audio production suite will offer a mixed bag when it comes to advances in individual component applications, half of which will be touted as new releases while the other half see more muted upgrades.

While details are still admittedly limited, people with rudimentary knowledge of Apple’s plans for the software say the suite will introduce major new versions of Final Cut Pro (v7.0), Motion (v4.0), and Soundtrack Pro (v3.0). The remainder of the application upgrades will reportedly consist of point release, and include Color (v1.5), Compressor (v3.5), and DVD Studio Pro (v4.2.2).

A complete breakdown of Final Cut Studio 3.0 component apps with general descriptions is therefore:

Final Cut Pro 7.0: for real-time editing for DV, SD, HD and film.
Motion 4.0: for real-time motion graphics and animation design.
Soundtrack Pro 3.0: for advanced audio post production and sound design.
Color 1.5: for real-time professional color grading.
Compressor 3.5: for high-performance encoding with output in various formats.
DVD Studio Pro 4.2.2: for professional authoring, encoding and burning of DVDs.

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Mac OS X 10.5.7 Update

13 05 2009

The 10.5.7 Update is recommended for Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard and includes general operating system fixes that enhance the stability, compatibility and security of your Mac. For detailed information about security updates, please visit

Safari 4 Beta Available Now

25 02 2009



Apple have released a new edition of Safari Beta 4 over night. It contains a whole heap of new features including Apples favorite, Cover Flow. New Developer tools which allow for debugging and optimisation. There is also a new History Search with the cover flow view and Nitro Engine which apparently makes Safari the fastest browser on the planet. The best way to find out about it is to go to apple.com and download it now.

Dick Smith iLife $5 Blunder

12 02 2009

Here is an e-mail sent to me from the ACCC regarding the Dick Smith Price Blunder. It arrived today, they must have a lot of consumer issues to deal with. Hopefully someone out there can understand it. Please leave comments if you have any legal advice regarding this.

Dear Mr Misko,

Thank you for your email dated 3 February 2009 to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) regarding purchasing items online from Dick Smith.

The role of the ACCC is to ensure compliance with the Trade Practices Act 1974 (TPA), which is designed to encourage fair trading and discourage anti-competitive conduct through a specific set of competition and consumer protection rules.

I note from your email that you recently responded to online advertising by Dick Smith offering to sell software on their website for $5. You stated that you agreed to this offer and provided them with your credit card details and you were given an order number and electronic invoice. You are inquiring whether Dick Smith have to honour this advertised price now that the transaction has been processed and your payment has been accepted. You indicated that it would seem that Dick Smith has honoured this price with some customers but not with others. I set out below your consumer rights in this regard.

An ‘invitation to treat’ is a contract law concept that means displaying an item with a marked price does not constitute a binding offer to the world at large; rather, it constitutes an ‘invitation to treat’, or an offer to deal with the trader concerning the item and as such the retailer has the option to withdraw the item from sale.

Whether or not a consumer can force a trader into completing the transaction will depend upon whether the elements of a binding contract are present:

The important stages of contractual negotiations are the ‘offer’, ‘acceptance’ and the ‘consideration’ stages. While it is not the role of this office to provide legal advice, it is arguable that at the point in which you clicked to agree to the purchase is the point at which you had entered the contract – by accepting the offer and paying a consideration. The ACCC cannot give you any more specific advice in this regard. You may wish to seek independent legal advice in relation to Dick Smith’s decision to honour its contract with some customers and not with others.

Furthermore, if you wish to find out more about the concept of “invitation to treat” you can visit the ACCC’s website at link: http://www.accc.gov.au/content/index.phtml/itemId/322984.

In relation to online traders, please note that the TPA and contract law apply with equal force to ecommerce (Internet) transactions as they do to any commercial transactions conducted upon physical store premises. The only limitation would be whether or not the trader is a registered business in Australia as if the online trader is based overseas then their conduct will be unlikely to be captured by the TPA or fall under Australian jurisdiction.

Thank you for contacting the ACCC with your concerns. I trust this information is of assistance.

Yours sincerely

ACCC Infocentre

1300 302 502

Dick Smith Online Lists iwork 09 For $5

2 02 2009


This afternoon the twitters revealed that Dick Smith had advertised a $129 piece of Apple software for $5. It appears that a lot of people jumped on the opportunity to purchase a copy. Tomorrow will tell as to what they will do and if someone will lose their job. Later tonight the online store was taken down, I assume, to rectify the problem.