Force links to open in new tabs in Safari

13 07 2009

safari512px1.pngIf you are anything like me, you get real sick of the fact that Safari always opens a new window when a link is clicked. While there is the simple solution of holding down the command key while clicking link. There is the lazy persons way also. Simply quit Safari and open Terminal.
Enter into terminal defaults write TargetedClicksCreateTabs -bool true then restart Safari. Now when links are clicked they will open in a new tab.
To turn it off enter into terminal defaults delete TargetedClicksCreateTabs
It isn’t that scary and achieves a great result.

Pirate Bay Video Streaming Site

1 07 2009
Move over YouTube—the folks behind The Pirate Bay are working on their own video streaming site with no restrictions. The site will be called The Video Bay and it is now on the Web as a “Beta Extreme,” though currently there is no functionality as everything is still under development. There is no indication of when it will be ready for public consumption, either, though when it goes live, it will supposedly host videos without any kind of censorship or copyright restrictions.

WARNING!!! Twitter Scam to Aviod

1 06 2009

If you see a link to “juste (dot) ru” on Twitter today, don’t click it.

The flipside of social media’s ability to rapidly spread content is that scams, viruses and malware spread at a much faster rate: from the trusted connections that allow Facebook Scams to propagate, to the abundance of issues in recent months.

Today’s scam: a video site called “” (do not visit this site) has successfully spread thousands of spam links through Twitter. The messages read: “Best video:” followed by a link to Users who clicked this link are reporting that their accounts are then used to Tweet the link without their knowledge, implying that the site steals Twitter credentials. Twitter itself has just put out a warning to avoid the links, which are malicious.

Bottom line: avoid clicking any links on Twitter to “juste (dot) ru”, and if you find your account posting these links, run a full virus/malware/spyware scan, change your Twitter password and clear your browser cookies.

Get a Mac Ads Released

16 05 2009

Apple has released another batch of Get a Mac Ads. Head over to apple for a look. They are always good for a laugh.