Bottled Water Banned in Bundanoon

9 07 2009

It’s about time that someone took some action on the ridiculous notion of selling bottled water.
More than 350 people turned out at a public meeting at the Southern Highlands town of Bundanoon town hall last night to vote on the motion. With all bar one person and an industry representative voting for the ban. Earlier, all New South Wales government departments and agencies were ordered to stop buying bottled water. Premier Nathan Rees says he “believes the Government should lead by example”. Personally I think it is a disgrace the amount of waste produced by the disposal of water bottles. It should be happening all over the country and in all government departments.

MobileMe Improvements

6 07 2009

Apple has added a number of tweaks to its MobileMe Web services this week. Mail, Gallery, iDisk, account settings, push contacts and calenders, and Back to My Mac all got improved. It looks like Apple is finally doing something with their $100+ sync service.

iPhone for sale on online Apple Store AU

5 07 2009

Finally Apple have realised that they should sell their phone outright in Australia. Considering that every carrier supplies them in OZ, there is no reason they shouldn’t. They are real expensive though. Just have to save your pennies.

Eagle and Rainbow

2 07 2009

Pirate Bay Video Streaming Site

1 07 2009
Move over YouTube—the folks behind The Pirate Bay are working on their own video streaming site with no restrictions. The site will be called The Video Bay and it is now on the Web as a “Beta Extreme,” though currently there is no functionality as everything is still under development. There is no indication of when it will be ready for public consumption, either, though when it goes live, it will supposedly host videos without any kind of censorship or copyright restrictions.

At the Zoo

24 06 2009

Internet Tethering Workaround/ Telstra Fails on iPhone Tethering

20 06 2009

After digging a little further, I found that Telstra has no problem with internet tethering for the Blackberry on their network. I think the settings for this phone will be the key to internet tethering on the iPhone. In fact here are the APN settings for iphone.

Type the following address straight into the Safari Browser on your iPhone.

Telstra with APN of ‘telstra.internet’

Telstra with APN of ‘telstra.IPH’

Downloading one of these will activate tethering on your iPhone.

Then activate in Settings/General/Network/Internet Tethering on your phone.

Here is the Telstra Rant on Blackberry.

Using BlackBerry Bold smartphone as a Next G broadband modem

The BlackBerry® Bold™ smartphone supports peak rated download speeds of 3.6Mbps (typical speeds of 550kbps to 1.5Mbps) 1. On the Next G™ network and can be used as a broadband modem when connected to your compatible PC via a USB cable. This means that you can use the internet or connect back to your office 2. From your laptop wirelessly using the speed and coverage of the Next G™ network.

It’s a great feature when you are away from the office and have some down time that requires detailed work on a large screen with a laptop. No need for a separate data card or broadband device because the BlackBerry Bold smartphone is your all in one mobile office solution.

Broadband Data Charges
When you use your BlackBerry smartphone handset as a modem, you are charged over and above what you pay for your monthly BlackBerry email plan.

Option 1: Subscribe to a Next G™ broadband data pack (Recommended)
The modem feature will enable you to transmit large amounts of data very quickly therefore it is recommended that you subscribe to a Telstra Next G™ broadband data pack which will be attached to your existing BlackBerry smartphone service.

Option 2: Pay as you go (NOT Recommended)
Alternatively, if you do not have a Next G™ broadband data pack, modem usage will be charged at Telstra’s standard pay as you go rate. This is NOT recommended as you can incur significant costs when transferring large amounts of data. By default you will be charged at standard pay as you go rates unless you have subscribed to a Next G™ broadband data pack.

Steps to Connect

To use your handset as a modem you will require a laptop running the Microsoft Windows operating system and a spare USB port (does NOT support Vista). A USB cable is provided in the box with every BlackBerry Bold smartphone handset so you can connect it to your laptop.

1. Download and Install the Telstra Connection Manager software
If you are unsure about whether this application can be installed on your company laptop, please check with your internal IT helpdesk.

2. Connect the BlackBerry smartphone handset to the laptop

3. Run the Telstra Connection Manager

NB: If your handset has an IT policy you will be asked for the password before you can connect. It is recommended that you do not use the BlackBerry Desktop Manager software at the same time as using the Telstra Connection Manager otherwise you will be asked to enter this password many times.

1. Select “NEXTG Handset: telstra.internet” as your connection setting
2. Ensure that the Telstra Connection Manager has recognised your handset and “BlackBerry IP Modem” is shown as the default modem.
3. Click the “Connect” button
4. Once your BlackBerry smartphone is connected as a modem, you will be able to browse the internet and connect with your office2.

Getting Help
• BlackBerry Individual customers should contact 125111
• Blackberry Enterprise customers should first contact their internal IT helpdesk

Things you should know
1. Actual speeds may vary due to congestion, distance from the cell, location conditions, hardware, software and other factors.
2. Connecting to your office may require additional VPN software to be installed. Please check with your internal IT helpdesk

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© 2008 Telstra Corporation Limited. All rights reserved.
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