Final Cut Studio 3 to bundle major Motion, Soundtrack upgrades

2 06 2009

The third major release of Apple’s Final Cut Studio professional video and audio production suite will offer a mixed bag when it comes to advances in individual component applications, half of which will be touted as new releases while the other half see more muted upgrades.

While details are still admittedly limited, people with rudimentary knowledge of Apple’s plans for the software say the suite will introduce major new versions of Final Cut Pro (v7.0), Motion (v4.0), and Soundtrack Pro (v3.0). The remainder of the application upgrades will reportedly consist of point release, and include Color (v1.5), Compressor (v3.5), and DVD Studio Pro (v4.2.2).

A complete breakdown of Final Cut Studio 3.0 component apps with general descriptions is therefore:

Final Cut Pro 7.0: for real-time editing for DV, SD, HD and film.
Motion 4.0: for real-time motion graphics and animation design.
Soundtrack Pro 3.0: for advanced audio post production and sound design.
Color 1.5: for real-time professional color grading.
Compressor 3.5: for high-performance encoding with output in various formats.
DVD Studio Pro 4.2.2: for professional authoring, encoding and burning of DVDs.

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