iPhone 3.0 Photos leaked

31 05 2009

A chinese blog has blurry photos that appear to show an iPhone — possibly the next-generation model — using autofocusing with its camera, movie recording and the digital compass.

New Camera

Old Camera

Full article at Apple Insider

iPhone Background Apps a Worry

18 05 2009


After adding QIK to my iPhones set of applications, there has been a real issue with battery life. Before adding the app I would get about 18 hours of general use before a recharge was required. After installing QIK and the installer app, battery life is down to about 8 hours. I have made no other changes to the phone. I am concerned as to what apple plans to do about this issue in iPhone 3.0, as I can see a potential headache coming on. The poor battery life needs to be fixed before we worry about running apps in the background.

iPhone OS 3.0 to expand home screens; new video walk-through

3 04 2009

Head over to appleinsider for a video walk-through of iPhone OS 3.0. Videos also at Gizmodo and Engadget.