iPhone Background Apps a Worry

18 05 2009


After adding QIK to my iPhones set of applications, there has been a real issue with battery life. Before adding the app I would get about 18 hours of general use before a recharge was required. After installing QIK and the installer app, battery life is down to about 8 hours. I have made no other changes to the phone. I am concerned as to what apple plans to do about this issue in iPhone 3.0, as I can see a potential headache coming on. The poor battery life needs to be fixed before we worry about running apps in the background.

TapTap Dance

11 12 2008

TapTap Dance is another great app from Tapulous, the makers of many quality iPhone apps. TapTap Dance follows the same rules as the original and free TapTap Revenge, but has an awesome track list from artists such as the Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk and Basement Jaxx. Game play is addictive, graphics great if not a little trippy. I still haven’t worked out if you should use thumbs or fingers for the best control. There have been a couple of resets required when playing the more graphic intensive levels. Hopefully this will be fixed in an update. If you prefer a heavier music set, check out Nine Inch Nails Revenge.


1password iphone safari Sync

28 11 2008

There is an easy way to set up 1Password within safari on the iphone if you have bookmark syncing with safari on your mac activated. In only a couple of steps you can have all your passwords in your bookmarks folder on the phone. Simply launch 1password select sync in menu bar, select(sync with iphone safari bookmark) enter a password, (this you will use later on phone), sync phone and there you go. Once you are at a site in safari on iphone requiring a password select bookmarks icon, 1password logins and you will be returned to the last safari window and prompted for your password, then select login. It beats browsing via 1p interface.